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Polo & Pastel


This guy looked like Porfirio Rubirosa. I can dig it.

Billy The Kid - George Pratt

Billy The Kid - George Pratt


Sartoria Partenopea, made by hand.



I Know, I Know, I Look Better in Real Life


In other news, Run the Jewels Pt. 2’s track list has been announced and I’ve got a batch of brand spanking new post cards to send to art directors. Good times.

Loving this guys work 

We’ve got our eye on G.abo Napoli

There is always something liberating about picking up, packing light and making a move. We put some thought into the whole thing with the help of Sandast. Visit www.AandHmag.com for the story.


Missione Skoaktiebolaget-Part 1

The Skoaktiebokaget shop is located in the most elegant and prestigious area of ​​Stockholm. From the first second I walked into this temple of quality shoe I immediately felt at home. The welcoming kindness of Mr Gabriel Öberg Bustard (the charming Store Manager) and of Mr Alexander Glansholm (the Shop Assistant and keen shoe polish Specialist) drove me back to an era of true gentlemen… 

I really admire people doing their job with passion and earnestness. But the thing that struck me the most was the fact that the whole team of Skoaktiebolaget is made of very special people. You immediately feel the great passion and love that they have for what they do.

The founders of Skoaktiebolaget, Mr. Patrik Löf and Mr. Daniel Tung, are two gentlemen of great culture, distinguished and elegant in everything they do. I think this is one of the reasons why they attract so many customers not only from Sweden but also from around the world. You can find many stores that sell men’s shoes, but places like this, where a gentleman can find excellent service and a large choice of quality shoes, are actually very few.

I was really impressed to see not only how many people dropped in the store during the two days of my show, but also how many pairs of shoes have been sold. In Italy I have never seen so many people going in a shoe store and walking out with purchases in one day. Business of Skoaktiebolaget is booming, and I’m very glad for that. It’s also a great joy to know that the art of Patina that I’m trying to bring throughout the world is so appreciated in Sweden.

Nowadays, gentlemen from all over the world wish to get shoes which are truly unique and customized. Dandy Shoe Care makes dreams come true. Such realities as Skoaktiebolaget, who understand the importance of offering their customers only the most exclusive and most beautiful things in the world of footwear, surely have a great future. I’m sure there will be some more amazing collaboration between Dandy Shoe Care and Skoaktiebolaget in the future. But for now, I recommend you to visit that outstanding shop.

Humlegårdsgatan 4
114 46 Stockholm

Tel +46868409684


B&TAILOR 2014-2015 FW Wool Muffler

▶ www.bntailorstore.com

British people still wear clothes. By clothes I mean actual clothes: jackets and shirts and ties and suits. The spirit of Beau Brummell is still visible. English men make an effort. We’ve lost that in the US. Everyone is more concerned with being comfortable
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